Hive Boy


Written on Saturday, June 30, 2007 by Jessica

Seth had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin and was covered in hives. Fortunately, he wasn't as miserable as he looks. (The scab under his nose is actually from being dropped on his face a couple of days earlier and has nothing to do with the hives. Poor baby. As parents, Baby's Daddy and I are unfit.)

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  1. Joanne |

    Wow! Poor kiddo. How long does it take for that stuff to leave his system and for the hives to go away? My hubby is allergic to amox. too.

  2. Jessica |

    It depends on how long you've been taking it. I guess most kids show the the allergic reaction within two or three days. You then discontinue the drug and it clears up quickly because there isn't much in the child's system. Seth's reaction didn't appear until the seventh day. With more in the child's system, it can take over a week to clear up.

    Fortunately, the hives didn't appear to be itchy. The ones on his face clearly bothered him a little, but overall they didn't seem too bad.

  3. Anonymous |

    Even with hives, he looks gorgeous!!

    Note to self: Put social services # on speed dial!

    Jessica, My nephew used to be allergic to everything, the poor little thing. We used to wash his clothes in baking soda.

    My sister (a nurse) told my brother not to do that because he had to build up an immunity to all these allergies.

    He was miserable for a while, but now he is a nice healthy 7 year old.

    Well, find comfort in the fact that all this is going to go away, not soon enough, but it will go away.



  4. A little of this and that.... |

    OMG!!! Is he gonna be ok? Are you gonna be ok? I'd be a frigging wreck!!!

  5. Jessica |

    He's much better. The hives didn't seem to bother him much -- thank goodness!

  6. Sherri Sanders |

    OMG! Poor little guy! :(

  7. Christina |

    i have the same allergy at least you know now i learned about it when i was 13

  8. Valerie |

    Poor baby! Glad it wasn't too bad for him!

  9. Amber |

    Okay- I realize this is an old post- but that is exactly what my 4 year old's rash looks like that I've been trying to decide is scarlet fever or chicken pox for the last day or so. Thank you!!


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