One-year photos


Written on Monday, July 30, 2007 by Jessica

He's thirteen months old, but I did finally take his one-year photos. Sears portrait studio is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Wal-Mart.

His Grandma and Grandpa made that rocking horse. His Nana and Papa got him that John Deere tractor for his birthday, which was a John Deere themed party.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Those pictures are so nice, of course, Seth is just being his gorgeous self.
    I love the rocking horse.

    I think I will ask Grandma and Grandpa Searles to make one for me. lol. Very nice.

    Forgot, yellow is definitely a very nice color for Seth.


  2. Unknown |

    AW! I feel I am watching him grow up down the street. You know, like we're just neighbors. He's so sweet and I'm sure he keeps you running.

  3. Sherri Sanders |

    awww.... so cute!!

  4. Joanne |

    He looks so grown up! I have to take James for pics now-cuz yours look so good.

    BTW-I had an earwig encounter. *gag* Had to blog about it too.

  5. Jessica |

    Thx everyone. He's my little sweetie pie. I knew I'd like being a mom, but I never expected just how much I'd dote on him.

    Z., I'll see what I can do about the rocking horse. :)

    Blue Girl, don't miss your chance to get the photos. And even though James is 13 months, I think you can get away with taking a "1" photo like I did. :)

    Earwig. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  6. Teriana |

    Such cute baby. Where did he get that great big '1'? I heard The Digit Depot went out of business so he musta got it at Numbers, Numbers, Numbers, Numbers.

  7. Jessica |

    Naw, we got it at Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. Smaller selection, but cheaper prices.

  8. Christina |

    I am late to comment but he is too handsome!

  9. Valerie |

    Oh my goodness! He is adorable!!!! I love the rocking horse photo and the one of him looking up at the camera!


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