Pride and Xtreme Prejudice


Written on Sunday, August 05, 2007 by Jessica

I'm completely intrigued by this video game, Pride and Xtreme Prejudice. I think it must be a joke -- a parody that someone made and posted on their site. There's no telling how it made Google. Nothing links to it (until now). But if it were real, I'd totally buy it. A Jane Austen video game! How cool would that be?

By the way, if you have Bloglines or another RSS aggregator, you might notice some really old entries popping up on my blogs. That's only because I added labels to a couple of really old posts. As a result, they might show up as new in your aggregator.

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  1. Teriana |

    She's gets the URL and that's what she does with it. Oh well, at least it's not a porno site.

  2. Jessica |

    To all of you who don't know, my sister is slyly referencing the fact that is porn site. She knows is drives me crazy that the site bearing my name is used for porn. I keep telling her to get, but she's not concerned.

  3. Teriana |

    Well, now that you announced to everyone I knew one of your twisted friends was gonna buy it just to turn it into a porn directory. So I had to register it.

  4. Jessica |

    My friends aren't twisted! I was the weirdo who was planning to turn it into a porn site.


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