How fast do you type?


Written on Thursday, February 07, 2008 by Jessica

Found this at Lisa's chaotic blog.

Here are my official results:
74 words

Here are my fake results, which I achieved by a quick edit to the HTML code:
1,684,356 words

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  1. Sherri Sanders |

    Damn! You beat me, I only did 63, but I had 0 mistakes! :)

  2. Jessica |

    I made about a billion mistakes, but I corrected them as I went along, so they were factored into my score. Imagine how many wpm I could type if I actually typed accurately!

    This test certainly had easy words. Throw in some Xs, Qs, and a few numbers, and I'm screwed!

  3. Teriana |

    Holy crap! I embellish on my resume and say I can type up to 60 wpm.

  4. Unknown |

    Show off! :) I had one wrong word this time through. But don't ask how many I corrected in this comment. :)

  5. Valerie |

    Only 32 wpm! I suck!


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