Smart kids


Written on Saturday, May 24, 2008 by Jessica

I don't want to limit Seth by assuming he can't do something, but I still find myself underestimating him all the time.

And I always say I'm going to stop underestimating him (and little kids in general), but he still manages to surprise me. Take birds. He watches the birds eating from the feeders outside our window, and he can correctly identify finches, mourning doves (he just says "doves"), and woodpeckers (he calls them "peckers" -- love it). He also recognizes humming birds, but he thinks they're "peckers," I guess due to the long beak. We're also working on red breasted grossbeaks. "Grossbeak" is a pretty hard word to say, though, and we don't see too many of them, so it might take awhile. Or maybe I'm just underestimating him again...

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  1. Unknown |

    How cool! He is a little smarty. :)

  2. Jessica |

    All little kids are smarty pants! I never give them enough credit. :)

  3. Anonymous |

    that is so true Jessica!! Kids are so smart!! My little bro peter could speak both english and Spanish by the time he entered kindergarden (his father taught him).

    My nephew is one of the smartest kids I teach Seth as much you want, at this stage, they absorb everything and they will learn very quickly!!



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