Thank you


Written on Saturday, May 10, 2008 by Jessica

Seth thinks that "thank you" means, "Please take this." I guess he got that idea because whenever he handed something to someone, they said, "Thank you." Before long, he started saying "thank you" as he handed something to someone else.

Just now, he was in another room calling, "Thank you. Thank you!" -- which meant, "Mommy, please take this knitting needle."

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  1. S Yuan Hunter |

    That's too funny. Aiden likes passing things over to people and they always say thank you. I wonder if he will do what Seth is doing. Wow. Everyday is fascinating!

  2. Sherri Sanders |

    For the longest time everyone would call Charlie Deeda because Thomas had started calling him Deeda instead of Daddy.

    I love it when kids get things jumbled up like that. So cute.

  3. Christina |

    LOL, Seth is a riot.

    Have a Happy Mother's day!

  4. Anonymous |

    My niece says, "him say, her say" instead of "he said, she said". My brother hasn't corrected her yet. Its cute

    Wait until Seth starts talking, you will smile all day long from his little saying, more so than you do now.


  5. Unknown |

    Huh? Wait, you let him play with knitting needles? Or was he busy making you a sweater?


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