Breastfeeding doesn't boost IQ


Written on Monday, October 16, 2006 by Jessica

A recent study says breastfeeding doesn't enhance a baby's IQ. However, it does confer many other benefits.

According to the study, breastfeeding moms tend to be smarter moms, and smarter moms tend to provide a more stimulating home environment. This results in a higher IQ in the baby. So if you're a smart mom (or even a not-so-smart mom) who loves your baby and provides a stimulating home environment but couldn't or didn't breastfeed, you needn't worry any longer that you're baby will have a lower IQ than breastfed babies. If you're like me, you probably already have tons of other things to feel guilty about, so cross this one off your list.

Note: In case your wondering, I'm still breastfeeding (with only *four ounces of formula supplements in the last four weeks -- yay!). This article has no effect on my decision to breastfeed, nor does it change my resolve to weather this nursing strike...

*Four ounces in the last four weeks. That's down from a bottle of formula a day while I was on maternity leave! I'm really excited about that.

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  1. Jennifer |

    hi jess

    i was just thinking i needed to get around to checking your blog when sure enough, there's a comment from you on mine. hi! glad to hear all is well in seth land. i still have those pictures yet to post...
    i'll get there. in other news, i made an honor society at western, some alpha kappa omicron mu or something. they're giving me cords and a pin for graduation. how exciting. as if i'll even have time to walk. maybe i will by then, eh? and maybe the tigers will win the world series that woild really be something. october 21rst is the first game! of course you already knew that being the avid fan that you are. hi bob!

  2. Shana |

    You rock! I'm amazed at moms who are able to do the exclusive pumping thing. I don't know if I could or would if I were in that situation. I mean yes, breastmilk is best, but I hate pumping. I hope Seth will come to his senses soon and accept his milk straight from the tap and save you all this extra work.

  3. Valerie |

    YAY! So glad that you are making progress! Keep up the great work! It's worth it!!!!

  4. Jessica |

    Hi Shana and Val,

    Thx for the kudos, but I don't really deserve them. I, too, admire moms who exclusively pump, but I haven't been exclusively pumping. He still nurses most nights when he's half asleep, and now he often nurses just fine the rest of the time, too. So no exclusive pumping here. In fact, so far I've only have to pump two extra times (when I've used an SNS). The rest of the time I've managed to wait him out or trick him into nursing via a nipple shield. However, it's getting tedious and I'm getting discouraged. Had a bad evening yesterday, as you can see from this post. It's so hard to have to just let him cry, but I refuse to give him a bottle. He can still have bottles from other people, but he has to learn that from me he gets milk directly from the tap, not from a bottle. I feel like such a failure when I finally give in and use the SNS, but I can't bear to let him cry forever.


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