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Written on Tuesday, October 03, 2006 by Jessica

Seth and I stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's last night. It wasn't the original plan, though. Sitting on the couch last night, I noticed spots on the wall. What the heck? I walked over and saw I was infested with ladybugs. Not the real ones, which are unlucky to kill, but some lookalikes that have been infesting houses in the area for the past several years.

I've already discussed my phobia with bugs, especially ones that fly or hop erratically, but the big thing about phobias is that they are irrational. Ladybugs don't bother me. I went to sit back down on the couch when I saw a cricket running across right where I'd been sitting! The horror! Oh, how dearly I hate crickets. How to kill it??

First, I ran to get a glass to trap it, but I simply could not get close enough to trap it. Then I ran for a flyswatter, but when I returned, it was gone. I called my in-laws to ask if they had a minivac, but no such luck. I told her about the cricket. "What am I going to do?? I can't sit on the couch! Not 'til I kill it. But it's gone."

As I was bemoaning the lost cricket, I saw something on the carpet by the loveseat. It looked like some fuzzy lint, but as I approached. "Dear god, it's a stinkbug!" My mother-in-law asked if I wanted to stay there that night. Yes, very much.

I stomped on the stinkbug but couldn't bear to leave the cricket running loose, so pulled the couch away from the wall. Gone. So I gathered up my things and my baby and prepared to run away from the buggy house. That's when I spotted the cricket near the couch. He looked a little smaller, which made me wonder if it was yet another, but I banished the horrific thought, grabbed the flyswatter, and beat on it about ten times. Dead.

I began to consider staying in the house, even though I knew I would dream all night that crickets and stinkbugs were crawling on the baby. (I had similar dreams in the face of the minor earwig population.) But then I looked over, and under the baby's swing, was another cricket. Another beating with the flyswatter, and I was out the door.

I really wish my husband would come back home.

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  1. Valerie |

    Oh my...when Jeremy and I first moved into our house it was overrun with bugs too. Beacuse It was empty for over a year, they had the run of the place. We spent much time killing flies and "japanese beetles". It does get better! Now we just have the occassional small black beetle or spider running around.

  2. Shana |

    Oh dear. That is one buggy house!

  3. Anonymous |

    Hi Jessica!

    Sorry to hear about the critter invasion! or is it a varmint invasion?

    You want to hear something nastier than bugs crawling all over your house? Well, about two weeks ago, I decided to clean out my freezer, well you know how fun that is.

    I threw away some meat patties that had been in my freezer since we moved into the house...that was over 2 years kidding.

    About 4 hours later, I saw some huge flies (the green ones) all over the place. If I throw away food, I usually double bag it... but for some reason, the bags where I had put the patties was dripping...Yuck!! I had to spray bleach in the trash can. I was running around with a fly swatter all day was nasty.

    Did the crickets get you yet? lol

    Kick question, how is that switch to Beta working out? Do you like it? Any problems?


    Ms Zoe Matthews-Aguilar

  4. liz |

    I think I would've shat myself right then and there.
    ...and then checked into the nearest hotel!
    Hope the critters have gone away--or that you can keep on at Grandma and Grandpas!


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