Written on Friday, October 27, 2006 by Jessica

Here's the view outside my window at work. Nice, huh?

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  1. Sherri Sanders |

    You're an absolutel scum for rubbing that in.


    But, I like ya anyway.

  2. liz |

    That's beautiful!

  3. Anonymous |

    Hmmmm...can i say that I hate you? I love the view...Why is it that companies are making us work in cubicles? I used to have an office, :(...then I moved to a I am at a cubicle again...oh well...


    Thank you for that picture Jessica! You are the best!! NOT!!


  4. Jessica |

    If it makes anyone feel better, I don't actually have an office. I don't even have a cubicle. It's a big shared area. I'll bring my camera back and snap a few photos of my workspace.

    Interesting fact: the people here who do have offices don't have a view!


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