Nursing-strike sacrifice


Written on Monday, October 30, 2006 by Jessica

As mentioned previously, I had to make sacrifices during the nursing strike. Namely, I was forced to hack off my index fingernail to use an SNS. See the carnage for yourself:

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  1. Anonymous |

    how often do you trim your nails?

    Your hands look really nice...

    I am very fortunate because my nails grow well and they look very nice...

    I think you mentioned that you drink a lot of that might be the reason why your nails look sooo nice.

    Well, now you have to make sacrifices for your little boogie.. when he gets older and becomes a gallionaire..he will take her of (now that I think about it, he might did post that pix of his little booty for everyone to see!! Hahaha).

  2. Jessica |

    In this photo, it'd been about six weeks since I trimmed my nails. They grow pretty fast and rather effortlessly. Maybe it is the milk.

    Barely related subject: In high school, my friend Jennifer and I concluded that she was well-endowed due to her love of cheese, which also explained my flat-chestedness, because I hated cheese. I look back and wonder what I was thinking. First of all, cheese is delicious. Secondly, since when was a B-cup considered flat-chested? Furthermore, cheese has nothing to do with it. All I had to do was gain a hundred pounds and nurse a baby to make Jen's chest pale in comparison. :)

  3. Anonymous | friend's mother told me (when she was speaking to me, but later on came to the conclusion that I was a bad influence on her virginal son, tee hee, I need to post about this...)that she could not eat Mac and Cheese because her chest would get bigger!!

    She was like a 40FF or something. Her chest was huge!! HUGELY HUGE!! LOL..

    Well Jessica, you will not belive this, I did not get my boobs until I was 16!! They just all of a sudden popped out!! It totally damaged me phychologically..having a crazy mother who will not or cannot explain the mutations that were taking place with your body is not nice either...I was a D-Cup until I lost some weight...then I went down to a C-cup...I don't see much of a difference now..but my boyfriend did..he said, "What happened to your boobs?". This is after we had not seen each other for about a year...he and I were not dating then..

    Oh and to go off topic... I am trying to figure out if my demon posessed two year old nephew is going to be a leftie or a rightie.. Both of his parents are righties..but lefties run in my brother in law's family. He eats with his left hand...and reaches for things with his left..hmmmm

    My boyfriend is a leftie..I told him that if he lived in the 1600s he would have been executed as the warlock he pretends to

    When my sister sees him eating with his left hand..she calls him a "witch"!

    Sorry for the long post...


  4. Jessica |

    It's my understanding that hand dominance begins to take root at about three years old. Until then, a child is just as likely to use one hand as the other. But if your nephew is already using his left, maybe he's showing early signs of preference.

    I'm right-handed, but after years of mousing with my right hand, my index finger hurts too much to click. I call it mouse finger. About five years ago, I started mousing with my left hand, so people think I'm left handed.

  5. Valerie |

    Glad the nursing strike is over!


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