Daddy's home!


Written on Wednesday, November 08, 2006 by Jessica

I never even mentioned that Baby's Daddy (i.e., Husband) came home on Saturday. He killed a spider for me this morning.

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  1. Danielle/Brooke |

    YEAH!!! for the mighty spider killer. I just throw my shoes at them and run away.

  2. liz |

    Welcome home Husband.
    When you are done killing your own spiders, please teach my husband to kill ours!

  3. Shana |

    Welcome home, Jessica's BabyDaddy!

  4. Shana |

    Oh, and could you come to my house to kill spiders next? Because MY BabyDaddy just laughs at me and calls me chicken when I ask him to do it.

  5. Jessica |

    Oh, my. What does your BabyDaddy do when there's a scorpion??

  6. Anonymous |


    I didn't know you were married?

    Gosh, welcome back to the Spider Destroyer...


  7. Jessica |

    Really? You didn't know I'm married? Ten years! May 25, 1996. Technically, Husband wasn't old enough to drink at our wedding reception. I, on the other hand, was a very old and mature 21 1/2.

    I don't talk about Husband a lot, but I mentioned him (Bob) from time to time. And I've mentioned my in-laws, too. I stayed with them in order to hide from the bugs, remember? Dumb questions, b/c obviously you don't remember that part! :)

  8. Anonymous |

    gosh Jessica, ever heard of sarcasm? or are you the one messing with me?

    hmmmm...I need to go talk to my four back soon...and yes, its nice to have a guy around the house to kill all the nasty little bugs for you...

  9. Jessica |

    Zoe, don't you know sarcasm doesn't work in cyberspace? Just last week during a google chat my sister-in-law said, "I assume you're voting for [a candidate I would never vote for]." I was baffled. In all seriousness, I replied, "Why would you assume that?" She admitted that her sarcasm failed to shine thru.

    Using the same tactic during a later google chat with my sister, I said, "I assume your voting for [the same candidate, who I knew she'd never vote for]." She replied, "No, why would you assume that?"

    Or maybe it's just a family trait: we don't understand cybersarcasm.

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