Sitting up!


Written on Monday, December 18, 2006 by Jessica

Seth is sitting up now. Plus, Santa gave him his wish early, and he got to try pureed bananas last week. He's also had pureed bananas with oat cereal, pureed bananas with rice cereal, and mashed potatoes. He didn't like the mashed potatoes at all, not even when I added a little gravy! It's the least sweet food he's ever had. Maybe if they'd been mashed using breastmilk instead of cow's milk... :)

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  1. Danielle/Brooke |

    Tommy doesn't like mashed potatoes either. He actually doesn;t like potatoes in any form. Very strnge. If we give him a fry he licks the salt off and then throws the frie away.

  2. Sherri Sanders |

    Yikes! Mashed potatoes made with breast milk....

    note to self: do not eat potatos at Jessica's house. :)

    Seriously, Thomas hated potatos too. His favorite food at seth's age was squash.

  3. Jessica |

    That's right, Sherri. You don't want to eat or drink anything with milk products at my house. You'll never know what you'll get!

    Danielle, it cracks me up that Tommy licks the salt off fries and then throws them away.

  4. Jennifer |

    you are killing me! i wrote the answer to your question in a comment under the video! fisheries and wildlife! ha! i am laughing out loud.

  5. Cassidy |

    (Cass here) Becca didn't like mashed potatoes until a few months after she started eating solids. The first time I gave her a bite of them she made this face like she was disgusted. At 6 months her favorite foods were applesauce and sweetpotatoes (seperate or together.)

  6. Jessica |

    In the last couple of weeks, mashed potatoes have grown on him. He doesn't seem to care for sweet potatoes, although I'm not giving up on them yet. I have trouble getting him to eat bananas, too. Bob says he was able to get him to eat bananas. Overall, the kid is not too crazy about solid food.


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