got milk?


Written on Wednesday, March 07, 2007 by Jessica

Nope. I'm having supply issues, mostly because I'm not diligent about pumping while I'm at work. I should pump three times during the nine hours I spend here each day, but I usually pump only twice, and sometimes only once. The tedium of it is terrible.

Boo hoo. Poor pitiful me. I'll take some cheese with my whine, thank you, but no wine with my cheese -- I'm nursing.

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  1. Christina |

    No worries, it will happen.

  2. Shana |

    I had the same problem when I was working. I HATE pumping and would only do it at work when necessary to keep boobs from exploding from milk. With Max I ended up stopping pumping altogether by about 10 months and we would just nurse at home mornings, evenings, and weekends. He didn't wean completely until 18 months. Milk supply is amazing! It will follow your supply and demand pattern.

    Also wanted you to know that I am not ignoring your blog though it seems that way. Bloglines seems to forget about updating your folder -- I'll see nothing from you for weeks and then all of a sudden there are 10 entries in your folder. I think I'm going to have to start reading your blog the old-fashioned way by actually visiting your URL.

  3. Jessica |

    Hi Shana,
    Maybe I should consider myself lucky, but I never get "that exploding feeling" anymore. I wish I did. It's kind of comforting to feel a little engorged b/c it means I have plenty of milk.

    Try updating the feed. It changed after Blogger went out of beta. The beta still updates periodically, but not often.

    I don't know if Bloglines reads Atom or RSS, so I just listed both.


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