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Written on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 by Jessica

Hey, Trump, you're fired. You, too, Cramer.

We have a tie for the most annoying television personality. Donald Trump and Jim Cramer took nearly a third of votes cast -- each.

4% Carrot Top
8% Dick Vitale
8% Dog the Bounty Hunter
32% Donald Trump

4% Emeril Lagasse
32% Jim Cramer
4% John Madden
0% Richard Simmons
0% Ron Popeil
4% Tony Little

See the pretty bar chart here.

Now's your chance. Who did I miss? What superannoying television personality was not on the list? I can't believe I didn't include Billy Mays, that annoying guy in OxiClean commercials.

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  1. A little of this and that.... |

    Ewwwww, Billy Mays! Oh man, bless his heart! He's even more annoying than Tony Little!

  2. Teriana |

    At first I was content w/ casting one proper vote for The Donald, but when I saw how many votes that Cramer guy was getting, I knew someone was voting more than once. That's when I saw your rule of being able to vote every hour. I've never heard of Jim Cramer or Mad Money, so he can't be that annoying. If Billy Mays would have been on the list, he would have gotten my click. As if his voice wasn't blood curdling enough, he has to talk at three times the socially acceptable level.

  3. Jessica |

    You're logic is flawed. Jim Cramer is unbearable despite the fact that you've never heard of him. You lived the first twenty-one years of your life without cable television. Without access to CNBC, you were mercifully never subjected to this man and his show.

  4. Christina |

    I vote for Ryan Seacrest...he just annoys me!

  5. Teriana |

    Even w/ 200 channels now I still don't know who he is. I don't watch CNBC. I'm not a hundred :)
    You have to weigh someone's annoyingness along w/ how much you have to put up w/ watching them.

  6. Joanne |

    You forgot about: Star Jones. She is annoying and for some reason I think she was more attractive when she was heavier. I hear she's getting her own show too. And I especially find that guy who's on after Letterman annoying too. I can't remember his name Craig something (Ferguson?). They got rid of Craig Kilborn who was annoying and then replaced him with that guy!

  7. Jessica |

    You know, I've always thought Star Jones looked better when she was heavier, too, and felt bad for thinking it. As for the late-night guy, what in the world are you doing up so late?? Me, I'm dead to the world at that time, and if I do have to get up to comfort a crying baby, I'm far too zombielike to even think about turning on the TV.

  8. Joanne |

    Trust me-I usually do not stay up that late. I just remember from breastfeeding every "one-two hours" days. I never watched so much tv in my life as I did from 11pm-5am after James was born.


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