Eventful night


Written on Thursday, February 07, 2008 by Jessica

It had already been a very hard night for Seth last night, and at 2 AM, moments after he finally fell asleep, I couldn't leave well enough alone. He was holding a little truck that plays songs. I didn't want it to wake him, so I took the truck out of his hands and set it aside. In the process, I accidentally pressed my arm against his face and woke him.

Exhausted and distraught, he started screaming. I mean, screaming. He really wasn't even awake. Did I trigger a nightmare? Then he started thrashing, and wham! the back of his head smashed into my nose.

Instant tears. "Owwwwwwww!" I half shouted, half growled. It hurt like the devil. I jumped up. Did he break my nose?

I ran into the hallway. Bob scrambled out of bed.

"What happened?"

"He head-butted me!"

"Let me see."

I removed my hands, waiting for a gasp of horror or at least a look of surprise. Instead I got, "Yeah, it's bleeding."

Well, duh! These ain't red tears gushing into my hands.

Thankfully, I didn't say that. If I had, it would've been the pain talking.

I ran to the bathroom while Bob tended to a still-screaming Seth. I expected to see blood everywhere, but really, there was just a little bit on my hand. After the one initial gush, there was just a trickle. I was embarrassed that only seconds before I thought it was broken.

My nose is so sore. I never knew how often I absentmindedly I touch my nose. Do all people touch their noses this often, or am I just some kind of nose-touching, germ-spreading fiend?

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  1. Sherri Sanders |

    I touched my nose 4 times while reading this one post. LOL

  2. Anonymous |

    No one touches their nose more than a four year old and no one can get their finger further up their nose than a four year old. I saw one little boy's whole hand disappear.
    Sorry about your nose. Now you'll never be a teen model.

  3. Joanne |

    You are lucky. When Jake was a kid, his mom was leaning over him tying his shoes and Jake jerked his head up, right into her nose and broke it.

    I always think of it when I tie Jamie's shoes and make sure to keep my face clear in case of any sudden movements on his part.

    That sucks! Hope you feel better.

  4. Christina |

    OUCH, I hope you and the baby are doing better

  5. Valerie |

    So sorry you had such a rough night, I hate those! Here's to a better one tonight!

  6. Teriana |

    Yeah, I see you touch your nose all the time when you're pretend pushing up your glasses flipping me off .

  7. Unknown |

    Yeah, I think I touch my nose more than I realize. I bet that hurt! Poor you and poor Seth!


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