Insulting spam


Written on Thursday, May 29, 2008 by Jessica

Now my spam is insulting me with such clever subject lines as:

  • You look really stupid jessica
  • what a stupid face you have here jessica
The text of each email contains the word "Watch" with a link that probably downloads a rocking keylogger or something.

I guess the intent of these messages is to prey on the YouTube generation. "OMG! Does someone have video of me when I was trashed at Ethan's party last Friday night?? I should totally follow this link to see!"

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  1. Teriana |

    Don't worry, Jessica. I would never put that video of you on the net.

  2. Christina |

    Your sister is too funny!

  3. Anonymous |

    You really can find anything in Google these days :)

    I was just browsing through my spam folder and saw dozens of emails with the same subject line: "you really look stupid X" where X is the various email addresses I have. "you really look stupid sales", "you really look stupid rodney", etc.

    Spam has reached a new level of absurdity

  4. Anonymous |

    Oh my gosh, I just received a spam email and it said, "You look really stupid MyChangingMoods". Thats my aim name...tee hee, I feel special. I am being terrorized by SPAM!!


  5. Unknown |

    I keep getting spam for Canadian drugs. I think I'd rather be stupid. :)


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