Written on Friday, February 16, 2007 by Jessica

I mentioned in a comment that I really buggered up my car when I spun out and put it in the snowbank this morning. Damage includes:

* Two dents in the driver's side door. It no longer opens correctly.
* Flat tire -- rear, driver's side.
* Cracked bumper.
* Ground effects under bumper torn off.
* Wobbly front passenger-side tire. Bent tie-rod end?

My car is sitting in the Rite-Aid parking lot until Monday. Baby's Daddy is out of town this weekend. He will retrieve the car on Monday and fix it.

When I drove the car immediately after the accident, it was a rough ride -- as you might imagine, since I had a flat tire and probably a bent tie-rod end -- but I just thought I had snow in the wheel well. And actually, I don't think the tire was flat at that time. It still had air that evening when I left work.

So how did I not notice the damage this morning? I was late for a meeting, of course! How did I not notice the damage until after work? Unknown. I have no idea why I didn't go out to check on the car sometime later in the day. I feel like a moron.

UPDATE: The wobbly front tire is caused by a bent wheel, not a bent tie-rod end. Good news because a bent wheel is easier and cheaper to fix.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Seth wants a new car!

  2. Jessica |

    So does Mommy. As for Baby's Daddy, I think he just wants a new wife -- one who can drive.

  3. Anonymous |

    Better start on Seth's sister first :-)


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