Last chance...


Written on Monday, February 26, 2007 by Jessica participate in my Downright Newsworthy Poll (to the right, below my profile). Of course, before I threaten to tally the results, maybe I should line up something at least mildly interesting for the next poll. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ellen |

    Is it (was it) in my job description to make coffee????

  2. Jessica |

    Nope, hence the poll -- to ferret out the noncoffee makers. Hmmm, I think you've triggered an idea for the next poll. Stay tuned.

    Marginally interesting fact that is only tangentially related: I don't drink coffee, so I never have to make more. Also, I have an evil streak, so I think it's funny when someone walks in and discovers no coffee.

  3. Joanne |

    Polls? What fun! Maybe you should ask who likes vs hates the word shish-ka-bob for your next one? ;-)

  4. Jessica |

    Love it! Excellent idea! :)

  5. Unknown |

    I don't have much creativity at the moment, lack of sleep from the new babe. But my daughter has some beastfeeding questions and was wondering if I could hook the two of you up via email? Here's mine, in the meantime I cruise your site some more and see if I can find answers.

  6. Anonymous |

    I always make coffee at work. I drink coffee all day sometimes, and I like it fresh brewed!



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