Seth's first meme revisted


Written on Friday, February 16, 2007 by Jessica

A few months ago Seth did his first meme. Now we've redone it because he's getting to be such a big boy and all the answers have changed.

3 Things That Scare Me
1. Snowblower. It's loud.
2. The mini chopper that Mommy uses to make my food. It's loud.
3. Grandma when she tries to imitate a cat. It's loud.

3 People Who Make Me Laugh
1. Grandpa.
2. Mommy.
3. Daddy.

3 Things I Love
1. Curly ribbons.
2. Playing with the keyboard.
3. Practicing standing.

3 Things I Hate
1. The mere thought of falling asleep by myself.
2. The eternal wait for Mommy to get that milk maker out. I can't figure out why it takes so long.
3. Lying down. I can sit up now, and that's exactly what I want to do!

3 Things I Don’t Understand
1. Why it takes Mommy so long to break out the milk maker.
2. Why no one wants to change my diaper anymore.
3. Those funny signals Mommy and Daddy make with their hands. If I want food, I'm going to open my mouth like a baby bird, not make a signal with my hand.

3 Things On My Highchair
1. Big wooden spoon.
2. A little block.
3. Noisy rattle.

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now
1. Sitting up.
2. Standing while being helped with balance.
3. Teething.

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. No life goals yet.

3 Things I Can Do
1. Laugh and giggle and squeal.
2. Roll from my stomach to my back.
3. Sit up.

3 Things I Can’t Do
1. Roll from my back to my stomach. I don't like being on my stomach, so you can't me roll that way, either.
2. Crawl.
3. Pull myself up to a sitting position.

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
1. Happy.
2. Giggly.
3. Cuddly.

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
1. Music on TV.
2. Me as I play with the piano Nana and Papa got me for Christmas.
3. Me.

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
1. The snowblower.
2. The mini chopper.
3. Grandma's cat noises.

3 Absolute Favorite Foods
1. Asparagus.
2. Peaches.
3. Mashed potatoes.

3 Things I’d Like to Learn
1. How to get out of my carseat.
2. How to get the milk myself. I'm sure it'd be faster.
3. How to walk. Who cares about crawling?

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
1. Breastmilk.
2. A little juice sometimes.
3. Water.

3 Shows I Watched as a Kid
1. Anything musical.
2. Anything noisy.
3. Anything Daddy watches.

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  1. Christina |

    Too cute, snowblowers can scare the poop out of anyone...especially when you have been sleeping. Not that I would now or anything but I can safely say that I know for a fact that my heart is beating!

  2. Jessica |

    Ha ha. Kinda reminds me of my first in-town apartment. The first night of snow, a snowplow came roaring by at three A.M. It was so loud! I nearly fell out of bed. The next night, I barely woke up when I heard it, and the night after that, I slept right through it. I guess that explains how people can live near airports and train tracks. They just get used to it.

  3. Shana |

    This blog entry and the one just before it really make me think I'm missing out on a lot by living somewhere with no snow. Why, I could be scaring my children with snowblowers! And careening on black ice until I slam into a snowbank!

    You know, I'd really love to see some recent pictures of Mr. Happy Giggly Cuddly.

  4. Jessica |

    Well, Shana, if these stories make you think you're missing out, you need to read the new post about the damage to my car. I'm sure you'll be persuaded to pack up the whole brood and head north.

    I'll get busy on those pix.

  5. Teriana |

    Wow, Seth's typing is really advanced.

  6. Jessica |

    Yes, he's a brilliant baby.

  7. Cassidy |

    Becca just started signing "more" it's the only sign so far, but I've not been very adamant about it.

    Oh, and I saw his picture in the paper! :) Adorable as always.


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