How to prank a telemarketer


Written on Tuesday, February 06, 2007 by Jessica

Courtesy of Sherri:

Turn up the sound!

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  1. Sherri Sanders |

    I'm going to try and recreate something similar to this next time I get a telemarketer call!

    This is way better then asking them to give me their home number so I can call them back when I have time to discuss their offer.

  2. Jessica |

    Let us know how it turns out!

  3. Anonymous |

    this is interesting...

    I feel bad for telemarketers who have to make their living calling people :(...I also feel bad about bill collectors... :( sooo depressing..

    But that recording was funny


  4. Jessica |

    I could never ever be a telemarketer. I cry when people are rude to me. I used to cry when I was a Burger King manager and customers were rude to me.

  5. Christina |

    That was hysterical!


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