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Written on Monday, February 18, 2008 by Jessica

The fact is, Bob and I would like to have another baby, which is hard to do when you're not ovulating.

My periods have been wildly erratic since they started up again in August. I've mentioned it once or twice here in my blog, but I certainly haven't given the full play-by-play. Trust me when I say it's been crazy.

My doctor has suspected Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) for some time now, which is why I had the blood tests. Over the last several years, several doctors have told me I probably have PCOS, so I figured it was a foregone conclusion, but it turns out that I don't have PCOS -- just high testosterone. Even though I have a ton of PCOS symptoms and characteristics (including cysts on my ovaries!), they are all things that can be caused by high testosterone alone. Bottom line is that my other hormone levels (e.g., estrogen, LH, etc.) are totally normal. Only testosterone is out of whack, so no PCOS.

Anyhow, the doc says that if I want to try to get pregnant as soon as possible, I should go on the pill for two months to reset my cycle and then take Clomid to stimulate ovulation. (Hmmm. Starting the pill to get pregnant. Whoda thunk it.)

For several months now, I've been wondering to what lengths I might go to get pregnant again. I knew for certain I would never resort to any expensive or invasive procedures (e.g., in vitro, ovarian drilling, etc.). After all, we already have one beautiful baby. If we never have another, I'll be disappointed, but not devastated. So extreme measures are out of the question, but what about less extreme measures like Clomid?

It was a strange feeling to be sitting in that room listening to her talking about Clomid. I thought I was fully prepared for the possibility of needing help to conceive, but to hear that I was already at that point where she was suggesting Clomid... well, it was a weird feeling.

I asked if Bob and I could first try to get pregnant without Clomid -- that is, just take the pill for two months and then see what happens after. She says this is also an option, so I'm currently all for that. Clomid has a one-in-100 chance of twins, which I find scary. I think I'd rather have just Seth than make the leap to Seth plus twins.

One final note: I created another blog many months ago in anticipation of my next baby. I finally started writing in it in December as a TTC (trying to conceive) blog. I never intentionally hid the new blog from anyone, but it never showed up in my profile after I started writing in it. I assumed it would. (Thinking back, I realize this was a dumb assumption. I'm sure I initially removed the blog from my profile b/c I wasn't writing in it yet. Naturally, I'd have to put it back in my profile to be seen.)

Anyhow, Seth got his own baby blog when I was pregnant, so I'm determined that if there's another baby, s/he'll get his/her own baby blog while I'm pregnant, too. Plus, I always regretted that I didn't blog everything leading up to Seth's conception. Even back then, I was scared that I'd never conceive, and I didn't want people to feel sorry for us if that were the case. Now that we do have a baby, the pressure is off. It's not a personal disaster if we can't have any more, so I feel more comfortable writing about it.

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  1. Joanne |

    Well I am glad the mystery is solved. We've been trying again too without luck. (But only for 2 months) I'm trying not to get obsessed with it but it makes me anxious. I wanted the kids closer in age. I hope this works for you!

  2. Christina |

    Good luck, I hope that everything works out. I am sending you good female vibes!

  3. Danielle/Brooke |

    Jess, from reading your symptoms I think you probably do have PCOS. I have it myself. The person doing your test, were they a primary care doctor or a endocrinologist? I tried for years to find a cause for all my symptoms and my primary would never diagnose me as having PCOS since not all the test jived. SO I went to see a specialist. I have the high testoerone and the cysts of the Ovaries but some of my other tests came back in the normal range. (the only day to really get the most accuarate results is on day 3 of your cycle)If you want to talk about it more just e-mail me. If you do have PCOS the going on birthcontrol for two months then going off and trying more than likely is not going to work. Not to say that you won't get pregnant since that is how I got pregnant the first time but since it was just bandaid for the issue and not really treating it we lost the baby and I would really hate for you to have to go through that.

  4. Jessica |

    Neither. She's my OB (which I don't think counts as a primary care physician, but maybe I'm wrong).

    I was actually thinking about asking her about the tests. She'd originally told me that I should have the tests done during a certain part of my cycle, but I no longer have an identifiable cycle, so she said, "We'll just do the tests now. I'm almost certain you have PCOS, so we'll just do the tests now instead of putting you on the pill to force a cycle." Anyhow, I didn't think of it until later, but when the tests came back NOT showing PCOS, you'd think the next step would be to do the test right way. It's possible that she forgot these tests were not timed to a certain part of my cycle.

    I have read on a couple of web sites that the presence of ovarian cysts does not necessarily mean PCOS, and that high testosterone can cause cysts in women to don't have PCOS. Truth be told, all my symptoms are ones that can be linked to testosterone alone as well as to PCOS. Furthermore, I've read that there's a big genetic component to PCOS. Women with PCOS usually have a mother or sister with PCOS. I don't, which is another factor that points to high-testosterone-without-PCOS.

    Oh, it's all so confusing and frustrating! I guess I'll start by calling my doctor to see what she says about the timing of the test. I don't want to rule out PCOS based on bad tests. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Teriana |

    I've decided your next baby will be a girl, so I'm sure you're happy about that.

  6. Jessica |

    Actually, I've decided that boys are easier. They can't get pregnant as teenagers.

  7. Alex |

    Good luck. I'm with TeriNA : girl!

  8. Teriana |

    But boys can get a girl pregnant. You and I didn't get pregnant as teenagers, but look at our brother. It's too late anyhow. I already decided you're having a girl.

  9. Jessica |

    Yeah, boys can get a girl pregnant, but it's just not the same.

  10. Unknown |

    You wouldn't want twins? I always wanted twins. :) Good luck. :) These are going to feel like two long months.

  11. Jessica |

    Seth is 20 months old, and I have not forgotten the exhaustion of his newborn months. I can't imagine doubling it with twins. With my luck, they would never sleep at the same time. Oh, and the horrific breastfeeding! I survived by alternating breasts instead of letting him nurse on both during a single feeding. Just thinking of nursing twins makes me shudder.

  12. Jen |

    I'm finally pregnant after a year of trying thanks to Femara and a IUI (very similar to clomid). I took clomid for a couple of months but it kept causing cysts. It can also cause some nasty s/e's. But it is relatively low cost and not too invasive so I'd definitely recommend going for it. However it is preferable that your doctor monitor you via u/s for at least the first month to make sure you are responding appropriately.

  13. Unknown |

    Good luck Jessica!! I am sure when you least expect it, little Zoe (Yes, I am with Teriana, I think your next baby should be a girl and Zoe is the perfect name for her) will be here.

    My sister, who is 33, really wants kids, but her boyfriend of less than 1 year is telling her that they should spend time together before they take that step. My sister doesn't want to be an old mommie, but I agree with her BF. Work on the relationship then let the babies come.

    One point that she mentioned was that those who love and want babies can't get them, but those who don't want them conceive them like rabbits..I would not have put it like that, but..its interesting.

    Lou and I are still looking into adoption.


  14. Jessica |

    Really, Zoe? I didn't know you were looking into adoption. Did I miss that post on your blog, or is this the first time you're mentioning it? (By "miss that post," I really mean, "Did I read it but forget about it?")

  15. Valerie |

    Jessica, I hope you have great luck and get pregnant right away! I would love to start trying, but Jeremy is still saying "no" I wait till he's ready.

  16. Jessica |

    Val, you could "accidentally" forget a pill or two. :)

  17. Anonymous |

    Lou and I are have been looking for a while Jessica. I never actually posted about it because I did not know how to go about it. I do now and I even contacted a social worker. I will post about it soon though.


  18. Jessica |

    Really? Wow! That's exciting. Maybe you could keep a "Paper Pregnancy" blog. :) That's what I've heard some people call adoption blogs. It's such a clever name.


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