Written on Thursday, April 26, 2007 by Jessica

I'm in a terrible mood today. In a weak moment, I ate some cookies. Four Thin Mints, to be exact. I suppose it was a bit of a victory because I ate only four -- one serving -- and not the entire sleeve.

It totally backfired, though. Now I want cookies more than ever. This always happens. I knew it would happen, but I ate the cookies anyway. How dumb is that?

Whine, whine, whine. I'll be in a better mood tomorrow. I promise.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Do you have any water that you can drink? or Green tea?

    water and green tea can totally curb your sweet cravings!!


  2. Unknown |

    I need to be dieting too but am not at the moment. However, I have dieted after the birth of each of my children and my huge downfall is chocolate.

    So I allowed myself some chocolate once a week, at the same time each week. Usually it was one ding-dong. Yes, just one, not a whole package or 3-4 tasty little cupcakes. Only one, once a week and I sat down when I could be totally uninterrupted and take tiny little bites, savoring it. This helped me get through each week of my diet. Maybe help you?

    Also I tricked myself by telling myself that I was only dieting for that day, that tomorrow I could have whatever it was I wanted but today I couldn't. Then the next morning I would say, wow you did so good yesterday, let's just do one more day.

    Hope I don't sound bossy, only trying to help encourage. Keep up the good work and maybe I'll be encouraged by you. :)

  3. Jessica |

    I think I'll just swear off sweets again. I'm not a very positive person, so the whole time I'm "enjoying" my one Ding Dong a week, I'm miserably thinking about how this is all I'm going to get. And then I'll spend the rest of the day wanting more. What I really need is an attitude adjustment.

    I have used a variation of that other trick before: "If I'm good with my calories today, I'll have a couple of cookies tonight." It usually works. Amazing how the mind works, huh?

    Maybe I'll give the green tea a try if I can find some that's decaffeinated. I'm not big on tea, though. Even when I load it up with all the stuff that makes it bad for you, I still don't like it.

  4. Joanne |

    What about low carb or no sugar added treats? When I was pregnant I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes which meant a total diet and monitoring of my blood sugar. So that meant no chocolate.

    I know you have difficulties with saying no once you have just one, I am the same way-you have one then 1/2 hour later you have just one, and then an hour later just one and soon the whole box is gone.

    But what I was thinking was that Breyers makes low carb ice cream bars. They only come with six in a pack-I used to have one and it would taste good enough to satisfy my chocolate craving, but not sooo good that I had to have more, so the bars actually lasted more than a few days. (And the sweets did not affect my blood sugar)

    Low carb treats won't mess with your diet. When I did the South Beach diet for a year, I lost 40 pounds and that included indulging in low carb ice cream or low carb candy occasionally. And another thing-if you eat too much of the sweets-one of the ingredients (sugar alcohols?) will give you diarrhea. There's a natural deterent! (My FIL learned this the hard way-er-soft way? *gag*)

    Anyway-just thought I'd chime in my 2 cents. If swearing off chocolate is the best method for you-that's what you should do.

  5. Christina |

    Don't beat yourself up, the thin mints are food from the gods and you will just pick yourself up and go forward with your diet.

    It will be okay!


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