Martha Stewart doesn't live here


Written on Saturday, April 21, 2007 by Jessica

My mother-in-law gets a Good-Housekeeping type magazine called First. I had to laugh when I read one of its recent tips:

You're about to cozy up to your husband in front of the fire when it hits: a painful bout of heartburn. And there aren't any antacids in sight! Simply combine 1 cup of boiling water and 1 tsp. freshly grated gingerroot, then savor with small sips.
Uh, reality check, people. If I don't have something basic like antacids in my home, what on Earth makes you think I have some fresh gingerroot lying around? I'm so domestically impaired that I doubt I have a cheese grater to grate that gingerroot with.

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  1. Joanne |

    Heh ha ha. That's a good one. I love *rolling eyes* when they give you tips like that.

  2. Alex |

    what? you don't have ginger root handy? I thought everyone did!

  3. Jessica |

    Alex, if I ever need to borrow some, I'll stop by. It should only take me, what, 20 hours to drive there?

  4. Christina |

    lol, i am with you but, now I have to add ginger root to the grocery list

  5. Anonymous |

    You guys don't have ginger root ready to grate in your refrigerator when you have a tunny ache? Tsk tsk... for goodness sakes!!

    I do have to admit that I don't either.

    I also am NOT a gallionaire like Martha who probably has as assistant who wipes her butt when when uses the restroom



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