Blizzard warning


Written on Wednesday, April 04, 2007 by Jessica

We're under a blizzard warning today. No sissy "winter storm warnings" for us.

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  1. Christina |

    LOL it is April and we are still in the 30 degrees....mother nature is such a tease!

  2. Joanne |

    Are you looking for a medal or something? ;-) We got snow here too. All that spring talk was wishful thinking. Damn mother nature! Doesn't she know that we like taking James to the park?

  3. Jessica |

    I don't want a medal! I want spring! I'm trying to remember if we even had an official blizzard this past winter.

    I refuse to put on my winter coat, though. I don't care if is 19 degrees outside with a wind chill of -1. Do they give medals for being stupid?

  4. Joanne |

    Ha ha ha. Wear your coat! We only got 4 inches btw. <---Can your baby's daddy come up with any fun acronyms for that? ;-)

  5. Jessica |

    Surely not. Baby's Daddy is far too pure minded. His mother, who may or may not read this blog, can attest to that, I'm sure. :)

  6. Joanne |

    Ohhhhhh, I gotcha.

  7. A little of this and that.... |

    Yeah, you must be getting the same weather we're getting right now. As you can tell, I'm just as thrilled about it as you. Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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