Not another nursing strike


Written on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Jessica

Well, I don't know what to make of this. He stopped nursing Sunday afternoon. He would start to nurse as if he wanted to, but after five seconds or less, he would break latch and start to cry. He wouldn't take a bottle either. I assumed it was his top teeth, which were cutting through.

He's been crying a lot lately, particularly when he wakes up (middle of the night and in the morning) and before he goes to bed. He just doesn't want to nurse. He takes a bottle only once or twice a day, about three ounces at a time.

This morning I asked my in-laws to start giving him breastmilk in a cup with his meals. We got him up to ten ounces of milk today as opposed to just six yesterday. Can you believe it? The kid is drinking breastmilk with a straw.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was worrying about how he would only fall asleep while being nursed or while getting a bottle. Suddenly he's falling asleep without even a pacifier. When I try to nurse him, he cries, but I can't tell if it's because nursing is somehow painful or if it's because he's mad at me for trying to make him nurse.

It doesn't seem possible that he could be weaning so early. Plus, weaning is suppose to be gradual, not sudden -- yet his teeth don't appear to be bothering him anymore, and teething is a common reason for nursing strikes at this age. He's not tugging at his ears, either.

I hope this will pass. I'm not ready for him to wean. No baby is supposed to wean at ten months.

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  1. Unknown |

    I was weaned by 10 months and potty trained by 12 months but look at how old I am. :)

    I put my daughter on a bottle when I went back to work and she was a few months old but when she did leave the bottle it was all of a sudden.

  2. Jessica |

    Oh, yeah. You're ancient all right. :)

  3. Anonymous |

    thats cute, Seth drinking breastmilk through a straw. If you stop to think about it, the picture is really cute.

    In the Bible, Sarah weaned Isaac when he was 5! Can you imagine nursing a 5 year old.

    Good luck with this 2nd Strike, I remember the first one...if I remember correctly, the negotiations were brutal and the contract filled with legalese!! lol


    PS. I haven't heard about Baby Daddy lately, how is he doing? Is he still chasing you?

  4. Jessica |

    Well, the second round of strikes wasn't nearly so intense. Mommy management was already downtrodden due to the recent outsourcing of some of her responsibilities (i.e., the introduction of formula).

    Thursday night, out of the blue, he decided that nursing wasn't so bad. Little turkey. Waits until I'm really stressing before acting like it's no big deal.

    Baby's Daddy is fine. I don't have to spend so much time avoiding his advances because he working in Ohio during the week. :) Seriously, though, I miss him. I hate it when he works away from home. :(

  5. Jessica |

    Oh, and nursing a five year old is hard to imagine. Of course, I suppose it was a convenient way to give your child nutrition when food was scarce -- and to help prevent pregnancy. I might've been doing the same thing if I were in her sandals.


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