Bad mommy


Written on Monday, April 30, 2007 by Jessica

Seth has been sleeping in our bed because we (still) don't have a crib for him. We just put a pillow against his back, and even though it was near the edge, he's been fine.

I think you know where this story is leading.

We haven't slept with him because I toss and turn too much and Baby's Daddy is afraid of rolling over him. So if you can believe it, we've been sleeping in the guest bedroom.

I know you're wondering why we didn't put Seth in the guest room. First, the mattress in our room is softer than the guest room mattress, so Seth couldn't sit up. This kept him fairly immobile. Second, the our bed is lower. If he fell, he wouldn't fall as far as in the guest room.

Saturday morning he woke up and made a few noises to say, "Come get me, Mommy." When I went in, he was sitting up. Did I think, "Oh my. I'd better be careful or he'll crawl out of bed"? Of course not. I thought, "Oh, my sweet baby boy is so smart." That night he fell out of bed.

Okay, brace yourself for where the bad mommyness gets even worse. We procured a crib Sunday but it's still in 20 pieces, so we put him in our bed on Sunday night, right in the middle instead of so close to the edge. How come Baby's Daddy and I were the only ones without brains enough to guess that he's crawl right out of bed again?

Poor baby. Seth, I'm sorry you have stupid parents.

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  1. Sherri |

    Awww...... I'm sure he'll be just fine. :)

    Thomas turned out ok, and, believe me, he has fallen out of bed more then once.

  2. Anonymous |

    Flogging? a week in the stocks? A week in a cell with Gilbert Gotfried? Making you eat a plate of fried grassphoppers (Seth swears by these!), please pick your punishment!

    You are too hard on yourself...Remember I raised my little brother and I knew nothing about raising kids. I did well. Don't tell social services where I live though, ha ha.

    You are a good mommy. Next time something like this happens, blame Baby Daddy, now you know why Daddies exist, so they can take part of the blame for raising their kids! Live and learn!


  3. Jessica |

    I'll take Gilbert, I guess. Just no grasshoppers. For the love of god, no grasshoppers.


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