Ode to DivaCup


Written on Friday, April 20, 2007 by Jessica

I updated the DivaCup post with a link to this testimonial, but I've decided it deserved its own post. After all, DivaCup might decide to remove it from its site and then it would be lost forever.

One woman loves her Diva so much she wrote her testimonial in the form of a poem. You heard me -- a poem.

Diva, this is for you:

Because of this Diva I don,
I am no longer a slave to the 'pon
It fills me with glee,
To know that I'm free,
And saving this world we live on.

I go through my day with ease,
There is no string there to tease,
It catches it all,
Before it does fall,
I now live without boundaries.

So now when I go to the John,
There's nothing for me to check on!
And it is so great,
To know that my fate,
Is not in a Kotex nap'kon.

Diva must have come from the gods,
I think they have the best odds,
To have made something great,
That seems so innate,
And all who know share applause!

Clare from Alaska

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  1. Anonymous |

    This "testimonial" was probably written by a man as a joke!

    He is making fun of us gals!! lol. If this is a real "testimonial" then this woman is seriously disturbed!!


  2. Anonymous |

    I meant to comment on the diva cup post but got busy. So here goes:

    I use the Instead cups that are basically disposible Diva Cups. It IS messy sometimes but totally worth it to me. I HATE pads and tampons, I love that I have 12 hours of bloodless freedom w/my Insteads.

    As far as the blood issue...well I was icked out at first, but seriously...I'm a woman, I bleed to create life, I got over it. I pee, poop, burp and fart too!

  3. Jessica |

    Jennifer, I don't do any of those things (ha, ha).

    Seriously, though, I'm so glad to find real live user of a product similar. At least you're willing to give a balanced assessment of how well it works. None of this, "It's not messy at all and is the best thing since sliced bread" stuff.

    Of course, now that I've looked it up, it turns out that Insteads work differently, and, according to users, are quite a bit messier than DivaCups.

    What amazes the most about this is that there is a whole category of feminine hygiene products that I never even heard of until I stumbled across the DivaCup. How can that be???

  4. Jessica |

    You know, I really hate how you can't edit comments. I meant, "similar product" not "product similar." What am I? French?

  5. Anonymous |

    LOL it's yoda speak 'product similar'!

    I do love my insteads mess and all. I see how the diva cup would be less messy w/the stick thingy, but I bet it would hurt the spouse/partner during sex! Not so w/the Instead and if he's sqeamish...it keeps the mess in check. Really, it's when you break the suction of the Instead cup it kind of...spurts out. NOT for the faint of heart or easily grossed out.

    But the thought of rinsing out the diva cup in a public bathroom sink (IN PUBLIC!!) then going BACK into the stall to put it back in...um no. OMG if I watched someone rinse out a bloody cup in a sink, I'd feel ill! I already have germ issues and that doesn't seem sanitary. I see infections in someone's future w/the Diva cups!

    And so not for anyone with small children in tow either! It's hard enough to pee in public with a child, let alone try to do all that! I'd rather wear a diaper (aka pad). LOL

    I just recently heard of Diva cups but knew about Instead for ages. I'm sure they have some secret other flow control contraptions we don't know about yet still.

  6. Jessica |

    Actually, unlike Insteads, the DivaCup is not for use during sex. I suppose it depends on who you are whether that's a pro or a con! :)

  7. Christina |

    yea, she forgot her meds that day!

  8. Anonymous |

    i know i'm late to the party on this, but i found your blog through jensenblu (my dear friend). i visited yesterday but had to come back to remember the name of the diva cup. i am intrigued, not disgusted. :) i had a friend who used to use cloth pads and washed them out in between months. now THAT was gross to me. but i think i might go to whole foods and look at it a little closer. :) uhh, thanks!!

  9. Jessica |

    Actually, Kelly, the more I read about DivaCups, the better they seemed. For example, I couldn't understand how you could possibly use one without getting covered in blood. When that stuff gets in your fingernails, it's hard to wash out with a nail brush, which is not often found in a public restroom.

    It turns out that with practice, you really can use a DivaCup without much mess (although Insteads are quite messy). In addition, you can leave a cup in for 12 hours, ensuring that you never have to empty it in a public restroom.

    So really, the most horrifying facts about the product are 1) its name (I think it's cheesy) and 2) the awful poem. :)

    Gee, if I ever have another period (27 months without and counting), maybe I'll give it a try.

  10. Anonymous |

    I love my DivaCup!! Should have been using this years ago. The best price I found is at South Coast Shopping for only $17.99 and arrived in only 2 days! Model 1 and Model 2


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