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Written on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 by Jessica


Are they serious?

The DivaCup... not a tampon... not a pad. Finally a better way! The DivaCup is a leading edge redesign of a proven concept first introduced in the 1930's. Used by women worldwide for decades, it is now available nationwide. The DivaCup offer ultimate freedom enjoy your daily activities including sports such as swimming, as well as traveling with no messy "leaks" or the expense and inconvenience of buying and carrying supplies in all shapes, sizes and absorbencies.

The DivaCup will accommodate your individual and changing flow, neatly collected in the cup. Remove 2-3 times a day, empty and reinsert. The DivaCup can be worn overnight and it will not affect important vaginal moisture, making a perfect alternative or supplement to tampons or pads. The environment and overburdened landfills will benefit from your use of The DivaCup.
UPDATE: You have to read the testimonials. Someone even wrote a poem!

Someone actually says, "First off, I am not a gusher; it's just not an aspect of my personality..." Gusher? Really, dear, you should choose your words more carefully.

Side note: Someone's testimonial does manage to explain how it's not messy.

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  1. Joanne |

    To me this concept is disgusting, but over at the Ovusoft Message Boards I frequent, a lot of women use it. I've even seen it sold in health food stores, there are several different brands you can buy. Bleck! Who wants to handle that kind of thing and rinse and reuse?

  2. Jessica |

    Jen, my thoughts exactly. Yuck.

  3. Anonymous |

    QUOTE: They also include an exclusively designed Diva pin with silver accents, that they hope you can proudly wear to show your support and help them spread the word about this amazing product!END QUOTE

    Yeah, this is the type of product I want to advertise!!

    I wonder if this is a joke?


  4. Jessica |

    Blue Girl says lots of women use it! No thank you. I think I'd rather use a reusable cloth than a reusable cup. Ugh.

  5. Joanne |

    Here are women describing why they use/like it. Maybe it'll change your mind. ;-)

  6. Jessica |

    I'm more creeped out than ever. Someone actually claims that it's not messy. How could it not be messy?? I will not share the imagery in my mind, but I will say that it's not pretty.

  7. Jessica |

    Have I mentioned lately that it's been almost two years since I've had to deal with this stuff. :)

  8. Joanne |

    Well you're damn lucky! 6 months after Jamie was born my "friend" made her return.

  9. Sherri Sanders |

    This is quite possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. Diva cup??? What type of 'Diva' is going to want to change a cup full of menstral flow 2-3 times a day! ack!!!

  10. Jessica |

    Sherri, I knew you'd be horrified. :)

  11. Christina |

    Diva cup...for the love of God! Please, it must have been named by the same people who wished you a happy period.

  12. Jessica |

    Ha, ha! So true. I can picture it now: "DivaCup. Have a happy period."

    I just have to mention this. On the message boards that Blue Girl pointed us to, someone mentioned using the product not for her period, but for after sex. So this amazing product offers dual use.


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