Anatomy of a bowl cut


Written on Monday, January 22, 2007 by Jessica

Seth got his hair cut Saturday night. The poor boy needed it. I'm kinda wishing Baby's Daddy's family had their own Santi, but in his family it's tradition for dads to cut their boys' hair. In this case, this is the first time Baby's Daddy has ever cut anyone's hair...

The first two photos were taken a couple of days before the big night. That's when I reluctantly decided that the child needed to be able to see without hair hanging in his eyes.

All the other photos are of the big night.

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All in all, it didn't turn out too bad. Notice the antique barber chair in photo number 8. It's been in Baby's Daddy's family for years.

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  1. Ms. Momma |

    Whoa! I'd be afraid to let my hubby cut Jamie's hair. Photo number 6 of yours had me worried (the uneven lengths) but in the end your daddy did good!

  2. Jessica |

    Trust me. I WAS afraid! But in the end Baby's Daddy done good. :)

  3. lisa's chaos |

    That's a really neat tradition! I never would have thought of it. Only traditions I had for mine were their first photos were all taken at Sears (easy to get into) and for their first brithdays they all had 3D Panda Bear cakes. I'll have carry the tradition of the cakes through my grandkids, I know my daughter is ok with that.

    Haircuts though I took them to be done the first time.

  4. Sherri |

    OMG! Look how long his hair was! :)

  5. Jessica |

    Lisa, those sound like nice traditions, too. I like the 3D panda cake.

    Sherri, that's what I'm sayin'! Looooooong hair. Lol!

  6. kfk |

    Oh yes, much better. I can see his cute face now!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Jennifer |

    looks like quite the little varsity player you got there, jess. is he a future hornet?

  8. Zoe Matthews-Aguilar |

    Hey Jessica!

    You and baby's daddy should have more kids!! Seth looks gorgeous!!

    I love the new cut!! Seth can see, Seth can see! LOL


  9. Jessica |

    Jennifer, I pretty sure I have no choice in the matter. The child is destined to be a hornet. Sigh.

    Thx Zoe! I think Baby's Daddy would agree -- more kids, even if it's only so he can have sex again. :)

  10. Valerie & Kiera |

    OMG! How adorable! I cut Kiera's bangs...I can't do it with daddy watching because he freaks out and makes Kiera turn her head.

  11. Jessica |

    Poor Baby's Daddy was working with 1) a child who is way too young to hold still and 2) a whole crowd of people freaking out and making Baby turn his head. Notice photo number 7, where Grandpa is holding his head in place. :)


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