A thought to ponder


Written on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 by Jessica

What's the opposite of a cradle robber? A grave robber?

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  1. Pixie |

    Hee I posted on your other blog and left a long rant on there, it wasn't until after I noticed the date....


  2. Jessica |

    That's okay. I have email notification. :) Plus, you've inspired me to start blogging there again.

  3. Christina |

    Too funny, I wonder if the robbers are one in the same?

  4. Sherri Sanders |

    Shame on you! I know why you put this here! LOL!!

  5. Anonymous |

    Jessica? Did you delete your Kidney Bean Blog?


  6. Unknown |

    Shouldn't it be a grave putter-backer? Or rather than stealing a baby could you be making a baby? :0)~

  7. Alex |

    grave digger?

  8. Jessica |

    Have no fear, Zoe. I did not delete The Kidney Bean. I just removed it from my profile b/c I'm not updating it anymore.


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