Photo of Daddy's Baby taken by Baby's Daddy


Written on Friday, January 12, 2007 by Jessica


I must say, I really enjoy the surprise photos I find on the camera, the ones that Baby's Daddy takes.
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  1. Zoe Matthews-Aguilar |

    He is such a good looking baby...I mean, "young man"...tee hee. I love this picture. Question for you, are those blue or green eyes?


  2. Jessica |

    They are blue! Like mine! :)

  3. Shana |

    This is a great shot! Baby Daddy should pick up the camera more often. What a lovely surprise for you.

  4. Ms. Momma |

    What a gorgeous kid!

  5. Jessica |

    Thx. I'm kinda partial to him, but I'm biased. :)

  6. Ms. Momma |

    I feel the same way about my son (the biased part). Jamie got his front 4 teeth by the time he was 5 months old which our dentist and his pediatrician said is early. He said by 6 months a baby may start to get 1 tooth. I think he's starting to have another one poke through too. So far he's only nipped me twice (no pun intended!)... *knock on wood*

  7. Jessica |

    "Nipped you twice..." No pun intended?? I love it. I'm gonna use that phase all the time and fully intend the pun, too. :)

  8. Jennifer |

    isn't that daddy's baby?

  9. Jessica |

    Ah, good point. It's a photo of Daddy's Baby taken by Baby's Daddy. I should've named the post something better.

  10. Valerie & Kiera |

    Lovely photo!


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