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Written on Monday, January 15, 2007 by Jessica

...for my sister's new blog, Fudgie* in Juneau. A few weeks ago, she moved far away from us all to start a life in Alaska.

*The word "fudgie" is Northern Michigan slang for a tourist. People who come here for vacations often go to Mackinac Island and eat fudge.

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  1. Shana |

    Oh look, I learned something new today!

    Do you think it would be cool for me to call elderly snowbirds blocking traffic in huge Caddies with Michigan plates "fudgies"? Or does it only apply to those visiting the U.P.?

  2. Jessica |

    The term "fudgie" generally applies to anyone visiting Northern Michigan, which refers to the U.P. and the northern lower peninsula*. So even someone from Southern Michigan is considered a fudgie when they go north.

    To answer your question: Yes! I think you should call the elderly snowbirds in huge Caddies fudgies! What goes around comes around. :)

    Another bit of weird Michigan trivia: If you live in the lower peninsula, people from the U.P refer to you as a "troll" -- because you live "below" the bridge. I'm a troll. For reasons unknown, trolls don't return the favor by calling them billy goats. We call them Yoopers.

    *I have no idea why "Northern" Michigan encompasses the northern lower peninsula as well as the U.P. It makes no sense, but that's how it works.


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