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Written on Friday, January 19, 2007 by Jessica

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life
1. Potato farm. Grew up on a potato farm. Had to work on it. Every September was harvest, which I hated. The harvester is a noisy dirty machine. Dead potato vines would ball up and get caught in the chains. Grandpa referred to these vines as "beavers." The hired hands sniggered about this, but I was twelve, thirteen, fourteen years old and blissfully unaware of the connotation.
2. Worked a concession stand at Beaver Creek Resort. The name of this concession stand was -- not making it up -- the Beaver Hut. I was fifteen years old and still blissfully unaware of the connotation.
3. Taco Bell. Applied for the job b/c I had a crush on a guy working there. A few years later he came out of the closet, so I guess I never had much of a chance with him because he wasn't interested in beavers.
4. Math and English tutor in college. Our school mascot was a beaver. Home of the Fighting Beavers! Okay, I am making that one up.

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over

1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Star Wars
3. The Fifth Element
4. The Matrix

Four Places I Have Lived
I've only lived in Michigan. Here are four of the towns I've lived in.
1. Elmira
2. Walloon Lake
3. Conway
4. Sault Ste. Marie

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
1. My Name Is Earl
2. Dancing with the Stars (hate to admit it)
3. Prime Minister's Questions
4. Absolutely Fabulous

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation
1. Cedar Point, Ohio
2. Florida
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Frankfort, Mich.

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. Custard long johns
2. Cake
3. Chocolate chip cookie dough
4. Ice cream
I bet you thought I was going to list something gross like beaver chops.

Four Places I Would Like to Be Right Now
1. Home with Baby and Baby's Daddy
2. Someplace I've never been before
3. Washington, D.C. -- one of my favorite places
4. Anywhere but here (yes, I'm at work)

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  1. lisa's chaos |

    Potato farm?! Heaven. I love potatoes anyway they’re fixed! Do you hate them now?

    Beavers? Shall we guess you’re feeling a little frisky?

  2. Jessica |

    Just the opposite. I grew up hating potatoes but like them now.

    Frisky? Ha! Baby's Daddy would kill me for discussing it, so all I'll say is, "Poor Baby's Daddy." (Trust me. Everyone should feel very sorry for him.)

  3. Christina |

    In case you want to continue the beaver trend, there is a hardware store here called the Crafty Beaver

  4. Jessica |

    Crafty Beaver. Hmmmm. That's an... interesting name for a hardware store. I'll keep it in mind for my midlife-crisis career change.

  5. Teriana |

    I never knew you applied at Taco Bell 'cause of a guy you liked. All I remember is that I got a free Dr Pepper every day after school.

  6. Jessica |

    Who gave you the Dr. Pepper? I didn't work after school, did I? (If I did, who brought You home?)

  7. Teriana |

    You drove me and Samuel there specifically for my Dr Pepper on the way home. The best part of my day :-)

  8. Jessica |

    Are you saying that my crush on Neil inspired you love of Dr. Pepper? Here's an interesting fact: My crush on Neil triggered a chain of events that eventually led to my marrying Baby's Daddy.

  9. Shana |

    Well, someday you'll have to tell us the story of Neil and the series of fortunate events that led to you and Baby Daddy making a baby. And there better be a beaver involved.

  10. Jessica |

    I suppose the title could be Baby's Daddy Takes a Beaver -- Again and Again and Again.

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